Freight industry waterways should leave thinking subsidy



Vietnam Waterway industry should abolish subsidies thinking, right thinking towards a market economy to move the industry forward. 2015 Department of Inland Waterways Vietnam to drastic changes in operating and managing state.

As reported by the Department of Inland Waterways Vietnam, 2014, the Department has identified the main objective is to serve the transportation, initially develop additional transport routes, transport capacity in a number of important routes . During the year, the total tonnage of goods through the ports, wharves nearly 233 million tons, an increase of nearly 45% over the previous year.

Some open new routes to attract the participation of transport enterprises such as freight routes from coastal Quang Ninh – Kien Giang, for river transport ship sea phase (VR-SB). To date, more than 300 ships regularly operate on the route, the estimated monthly freight equivalent 2-3 thousand heavy trucks by road. Some northern waterways such as the Red River, container shipping lines to Vietnam Tri Hai Phong, dozens of ports, wharves and ships hundreds of “burden” ore, wood chips from Tuyen Quang, Phu Tho Hai Duong, Haiphong road instead.

2015, inland waterways sector focuses on four main areas: All for safe transport development; accelerate construction of legal documents; strengthen the management of the state of the lanes; and aggressively implement socialized inland waterway sector.