Shipment jam retention in port

About 1 week now, many companies importing goods to save additional costs, demurrage due to customs storage of goods awaiting test subjects

Under the provisions of the Customs Act will take effect from the date 1-1-2015, goods subject to examination subjects must be kept at the gate until clearance. Enterprises (companies) are only allowed to carry goods for other locations pending test subjects when they meet the conditions of supervision.

Additional costs

Bad customer retention jam occurs in a number of ports in HCMC, including Cat Lai port (due to customs clearance of goods through the port very large). Representative Co. Marine Functional Vietnam (production of animal feed, poultry and seafood) said that although the restaurant was docked but time to wait for a specialized certificate from veterinary offices, safety and hygiene product takes 10-15 days, a great influence on the operation of enterprises.

With some frozen material goods, seafood if too long to external ports will be damaged. In addition, companies also need to pay for storage, warehousing, electricity … For example, a shipping company CMA shipping container 40 feet will be free for businesses save 5 days, then if the goods have remained in port DN cost saving of 42 USD / day, demurrage charge 6 USD / day …

“If goods imported from Europe, documents, goods prior to DN declarations, procedures confirmation test subjects, DN less expensive. As imports from Thailand were docked three days but it took 5 days to new documents for customs clearance, plus 7-21 days waiting to receive the specialized test papers should be stored in row kept in port costly for businesses lot “- represents the company lamented.

Meanwhile, Officer import a large seafood companies in HCM City said monthly average, about 50 container DN entry of raw materials for processing. Since early 2015, goods arrive at the port trapped by the new rules. Only electricity (frozen products), companies have to spend 1.5 million / day and 40-80 USD / day money storage.

“We import raw materials for processing, so the profit is not high, this additional expense incurred as affecting business operations. DN petition has been carrying goods on their warehouse for storage while awaiting test subjects “- said the representative of this company.

Wait General Administration of Customs guide

A leader Customs Branch of the ports of Saigon Area 1 confirmed customer retention jam condition at Cat Lai port. Although the new Customs Code allows businesses to bring their goods to warehouse but strict rules and no specific guidelines. Initially, to release the goods to businesses, departments old rules still apply (consider each particular case and allow shipping companies to place storage) while waiting for instructions from the General Administration of Customs.

According to the Bureau of Customs TP, the ministries and departments delayed issuing documents guiding the implementation of the decree on the mechanism for import and export operations under the new Customs Code has been difficult for the customs authorities, increased costs for businesses.

Specifically, the import and export goods to inspect food safety, quarantine, quality control of ministries has not issued specific categories of goods under the code name only item checked.

Customs offices is difficult to determine the exact subject to inspection, as prolonged clearance of goods and reactions from the business community. Even the customs authorities did not identify the items checked are the responsibility of the management, public sector.


Cargo operations at Cat Lai Port