Vietnam Logistics Review:Boosting up researches on hi-tech product

Vietnam Logistics Review  In the course of deep integration to the world economy, science and techonology have been applied to increase productivity, quality and competition abilities. In Vietnam, scientists keep researching on scientific projects that can bring best applications.

Hoa Binh Group held a talk “ Researching and Developing Hi-tech Products”. The talk was information- sponsored by Vietnam LogisticsReview Magazine and Vietnam Connections Co.,

Hoa Binh Group, with the talk, wishes to make a connections among enterprises, individuals and scientific organizations, which helps to boost up applied researches and transferring technology solutions. This will be an urgent task to create a driving force for competition abilities in the course of integration.


The 1st Session: Research on developing products in the field of new technological materials. Vice Prof./ Ph.D Huynh Dai Phu – Department of Materials Technology, University of Technology of HCMC presented “Trend of Researching Products in The Field of New Technology in The Coming Time” which includes semiconduct Polymer, shape memory materials, self-healing materials, piezoelectricity ceramics, biomedical materials, composite materials in construction and nano materials. They are technology trends that have been applied or researched, which contributes active changes to human life and development of the world’s economy and society, including construction sector. He also introduced cooperation models among enterprises and scientific researchers in some large enterprises worldwide.

The 2nd session: Research on developing IT products. In the topic, lecturers discussed realities and needs of managing the State by an electronic system with advantages of high security, reliability, decentralization, readiness and integrity. However, Vietnam should have changes in awareness from macro to micro levels to have a real egovernment.

The 3rd session. Research on developing products in the field of automation and robots. Lecturers in the session present applied technologies to life. The topic “From a smart house to a smart city” showed benefits and its applications to civil works in the future. Advantages of “smart houses” is that electric equipment, living conditions are automatically controlled by a programmed computer. However, solutions of applying automate science to cost saving, maintenance work of construction equipment were received much attention.

The 4th session. Research on developing products in the field of electronic and telecommunication technologies. In the topic, research group of Ph.D Pham Tran Bich Thuan and M.S Nguyen The Hoang- Faculty of Electronic and Communication Technology, the University of Industry of HCMCpresented useful features in applying electronic technology to telecommunication, which helps monitor electronic equipment, and utilities which helps process information on the Internet.

For example, a chip installed in a traffic light system receives signals through the Internet. A controller controls it with programmed commands. There will be no need for traffic controllers. With products called “Internet of Things”, Mr. Nguyen The Hoang put emphasis on the benefit from telecommunication for its influence to life developing with the uses of digital, electronic and telecommunication technologies. The 5th Session. Research on products in the field of power and environment technology. This is the session with the most research worked being presented. Lecturers mentioned reality and trends of using alternative powers, using waste as a power resource that helps cut cost and protect environment effectively. Experts highly valued the topic thanks to the facts of saving investment capital, operation cost but creating high-value products.

The Last Session. Research on products in the field of pharmaceutical chemistry – Vice Prof./ Ph.D Nguyen Phuong Dung, Faculty of Traditional Medical, University of Medicine and Pharmacy of HCMC, presented a topic “Developing Vietnam’s medical products in comparison advantages. Medical in one of twelve sectors has priority in integration to the AEC. She presented advantages of Oriental Medicine in Vietnam as natural resources, labor skills, competitive price and contribution to ASEAN economic system in term of added values… MS. Pharmacist Truong Cong Tri- Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Medicine and Pharmacy of HCMC- presented a topic “Applying Nano Technology in developing products in the field of pharmaceutical chemistry.” Nano technology will be applied to increase positive effects of the medicine and reduce side-effects as well.


The series of talks succeeded with exciting discussions among leaders of Hoa Binh Group, editorial board of VLR, experts and enterprises in each fields. After the six talks, Mr. Nguyen Van An, Deputy General Director of Hoa Binh Group gave a conclusion:” We do appreciate the researches for their practical features. However, there should be further researches of smaller scale for more efficiency when applying them to industry and civil uses. The talks showed me many chances of investments; the topics by lecturers- researchers do contribute to interests of the community and the country.”

Mr. Le Viet Hai- President of Administration Board, General Director of Hoa Binh Group thanked lecturers for their practical topics. He added: “In the condition of having inadequate scientific researches, being in shortage of experts and having weak research managements, it is a real challenge finding solutions to apply researches to real situations, not only for the States’ management offices but also to enterprises”. He also mentioned a matter of building a technical research center for Hoa Binh Group. He wished to have more cooperation with scientists, universities, researchers- both local and foreign- to help Vietnam approach new technologies serving production and civil uses.

Võ Duy